Thursday, December 4, 2008

Victor Forys, M.D. for Congress – A Prescription for Reform

Victor Forys, M.D., raised on the Northwest Side of Chicago, a 15 year radio and television commentator in the Chicago media with one of the largest community primary care practices in Chicago , plans to announce his campaign for Congress to replace Rahm Emmanuel this Thursday

This Thursday, December 4th, at 11 AM in the Directors Room of the Allegro Hotel on 171 W. Randolph St., in Chicago, Victor Forys, M.D., will officially launch his “Prescription for Reform” grassroots campaign to replace Rahm Emmanuel in the upcoming special election for Congress to be held next year.

Dr. Forys plans to announce his “Prescription for Reform” on issues of immigration reform, healthcare reform, and stimulating job creation. As a medical doctor, small business owner, and immigrant, Dr. Forys knows first-hand and cares far more about these issues personally than most of the political insiders and retreads who have been promoting themselves in recent weeks for this office.

“The last thing the U.S. Congress needs is another professional politician from Springfield or Cook County,” said Dr. Forys. “We need far more outsiders who are professionals in Congress with diverse backgrounds and broad, varied experiences. I bring that and far more to the table as voters who get to know me will see.”

Dr. Forys moved with his parents from Poland to the United States when he was four years old, and grew up on the Northwest Side of Chicago in Humboldt Park attending Lane Technical High School where Dr. Forys was a star soccer player. Dr. Forys’ father worked at Klein Tools in Skokie where he organized the first labor union serving as its first Secretary.

After attending college at the University of Illinois at Chicago, where Dr. Forys also played soccer, Dr. Forys then moved to Poland to attend graduate school and ended up getting his degree in medicine.

While in Poland, Dr. Forys participated in student demonstrations and protests against the Communist government and was a student organizer and activist during the Solidarity protests of the 1980s.

Dr. Forys and his wife had tear gas and rubber bullets fired at them in their efforts to bring democracy to Poland.

Upon returning to the United States, Dr. Forys practiced medicine in Southern Illinois eventually moving back to and opening up his own practice in the heart of the Fifth Congressional District on the Northwest Side of Chicago near Central and Lawrence where he currently has over 10,000 patients who live in the Fifth Congressional District.

Besides being a Community-based Medical Doctor in the fifth congressional district caring for nearly 10,000 patients, Dr. Forys has been a regular commentator on health care issues in the Polish media for over fifteen years.

Unlike most doctors, Dr. Forys accepts both Medicare and Medicaid and the average cost for a visitation at his medical clinic is fifty five dollars, making his medical practice affordable for the working people that make up the majority of the fifth congressional district.

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