Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Shame on Sara Feigenholtz

Victor Forys, M.D. Criticizes State Rep. Sara Feigenholtz for Taking Tens of Thousands in Campaign Cash from the Insurance and Drug Companies and Not Doing Enough to Challenge the Insurance Companies in Illinois During Her Time in the Legislature.

Dr. Forys Announced A Plan to Provide Coverage for BOTH Men and Women over 49 who Lose their Health Insurance, Who Get Any Kind of Cancer, Using the Medicare Program, in order to Simulate the Economy, Save Middle Class Jobs, and Help Small Businesses. (Dr. Victor Forys has already sent out 3 mail pieces on this issue.)

Dr. Victor Forys is the first person to ever campaign for Congress on expanding Medicare to cover people age 50 to 65.

Dr. Victor Forys Releases Donor List of Insurance Companies and the Corresponding Dollar Amounts who have Contributed to Sara Feigenholtz Over the Years - $30,000 dollars alone were given in the last year to Sara Feigenholtz by insurance and drug companies.

"I see literally hundreds of women requiring mammograms every year at our clinic, and never, in 25 years, has there been a problem getting the insurance companies to cover these mammograms whether over 40, under 50, or older," said Dr. Victor Forys.

"The problem is too many women can't get TREATMENT for breast cancer and Sara failed women on that issue because of nearly one hundred thousand dollars in campaign contributions to Sara Feigenholtz from insurance companies and drug companies, " said Dr. Victor Forys.

Dr. Victor Forys's wife, also a primary care physician working mostly with women and children, concurred. "I have never had trouble getting a routine mammogram covered by insurance for one of my patients, even if the patient was 40 years old. The problem is the treatment isn't covered for many women if they have the disease."

"Sara has no plan to insure the uninsured because she has taken so much money from the insurance companies and drug companies," said Dr. Victor Forys. "Sara took 30,000 dollars last year from insurance and drug companies," said Dr. Victor Forys.

"Barack Obama said in a famous speech, to paraphrase, 'We need to stop dividing our nation according to white & black, blue states & red states, men and women, and be united as one people.' I say we can't we divide people between those who are insured or those who are uninsured regardless of whether they are black or white, rich or poor, healthy or sick. Everyone deserves decent health care."

"We need to stop dividing patients into women, men, breast cancer patients, prostate cancer patients, asthma patients, hypertension patients, diabetes patients, and unite ALL PATIENTS to pass real health insurance coverage for people over age 49 that get any illness or cancer, even if they lose their job. That is the real issue," said Dr. Victor Forys.

"We are all patients," said Dr. Victor Forys.

"The biggest threat to the health of millions of Americans isn't cancer, diabetes, heart disease, or high blood pressure, it's the lack of health care coverage and we can cure that right now," Dr. Victor Forys. "That's the biggest threat to the health of Americans - one in six, 47 million Americans lack insurance," said Dr. Forys.

Contrary to Sara's new slick television ad, the battle is not over. Sara's "Mission Accomplished" style ad insinuates that the war is won on breast cancer in Illinois. What the ad doesn't explain is that if you lose your health insurance, there is no coverage for breast cancer treatment. Insurance policies still don't cover breast cancer TREATMENT if you have a history of breast cancer because it's considered a preexisting condition. If you lack insurance, you are really in big trouble.

Over the span his career, Dr. Victor Forys has taken thousands of calls in the middle of the night when people's lives were on the line.

"The question for voters on election day is: who do you trust to pick up the phone and talk with Barack Obama about health care" said Dr. Victor Forys.

"Where is her plan? It certainly isn't on her web site," said Dr. Victor Forys.

Dr. Victor Forys, a primary care physician on Chicago's Northwest Side who sees literally hundreds of women a year needing and getting mammograms, will accuse Sara Feigenholtz of planting false hope in women, and misleading both women and men about breast cancer coverage issues overall, and what the real threat to their health is for political purposes.

The fact is, insurance companies only provide health care if they accept you. If you had a serious illness like a heart attack, diabetes, and you apply for insurance as an individual, you could be denied and it's perfectly legal. That issue has never been properly addressed in the legislature. This is what we need to focus our attention on. Who can we trust to tackle this issue? Someone who has taken tens of thousands from insurance companies or a community doctor who has taken no campaign money from insurance companies?

Breast cancer is a big problem and any strides made to combat it is laudable. The bigger issue is: who has and who does not have insurance and who has a history of a preexisting condition. We need to insure everyone and need to stop treating people like second class citizens because they contracted an illness or work for a company that doesn't have enough money to cover their health insurance.

"At the end of the day, do you want a doctor who has taken no campaign money from insurance and drug companies to deal with these issues every day in Congress who helps patients with all diseases cope on a daily basis in his medical office, or a professional Springfield politician who has taken tens of thousands of campaign dollars from insurance and drug companies?" asks Dr. Victor Forys.

"The truth that Sara isn't telling the voters is that any woman can get a pap smear and a mammogram in Illinois whether you have insurance or don't and the state will pay for it," said Dr. Forys.

"In fact, the issue is that if you don't have insurance, you can't get TREATMENT."

"My plan of expanding medicare to cover those age 49 and over would provide a much needed economic stimulus and preserve jobs." said Dr. Victor Forys.

Dr. Victor Forys has ALREADY sent out three direct mail pieces district wide on expanding Medicare to cover those age 50 and over and will release another mail piece about a breast cancer patient whose lack of insurance caused her premature death.

"We are all patients. We get many kinds of diseases including many types of cancer. They all need to be completely covered and anything less is completely unacceptable," said Dr. Victor Forys.

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