Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Vote Forys Today!

Punch #4 for Dr. Victor Forys TODAY

March 3, 2009
Dr. Victor Forys for U.S. Congress
Illinois's 5th District Special Election

Call 773-322-8608 to get your polling place location.

Dear Neighbor --

Today we have the opportunity to reach beyond Chicago's political status quo and cast a vote for real reform. Today's Special Election brings us the chance to let the recycled politicians know that our district – our entire state – is ready for real reform.

As a hard-working immigrant, physician, and local small business owner, I will bring to Congress the voices and priorities of our diverse, dedicated community.

As your Congressman, I will fight to help small businesses grow and create more local jobs. And I will work tirelessly to change unfair US immigration laws.

Above all else, my unique experience as an outspoken Patient's Rights advocate and family doctor will help win the fight for decent health care for every American.

But I can't make things better without your help.
I need you to take some time out of your day today and vote for me, Dr. Victor Forys for U.S. Congress.

Help send Congress a Prescription for Reform!

Thank you,

Dr. Victor Forys


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Jennifer said...

Dr. Forys,

I am the young woman you met at Glendora Banquets on Harlem this past weekend before the election. You and I had a brief discussion about what you were going to do to improve the poor mental health system we have here in Illinois. You told me a tragic story about a young man who was admitted to Mt. Sinai Hospital for killing his mother. I was deeply saddened by this story and something you said stood out to me. I believe your exact words were, "...he killed his mother, so obviously he must be mentally ill..." This statement, coming from a medical doctor, is absolutely appalling. Your phrase and attempt to win my vote actually did the opposite. Sayings like these continue to perpetuate the lackadaisical idea that if someone takes a life they must have a mental illness and that the mentally ill are "obviously" capable of such heinous acts. It doesn't take someone to be ill with depression, schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, etc to do such a thing. It takes someone with an utter disregard for life. Your efforts to utilize your medical background as an advantage in this election did not prove your knowledge of issues regarding mental illness. I am not writing this message because I am angry; however, I am doing it because I have a duty to my clients to do whatever is in my human power to break down the stigma that society, our politicians and evidently our medical staff are enabling. I sincerely hope you take the time to educate yourself about the severity of mental illness and its actual correspondence with violence.

Thank you,

Jen Z.