Sunday, February 15, 2009

Health Care Is An Economic Issue

I'm Dr. Victor Forys. I am running for Congress because I believe everyone deserves decent health care. I am a physician and I have been on the front lines of health care in Illinois for 25 years. Despite years of promises, there is a still a health care crisis in America and the professional politicians have not been able to solve this problem.

My wife and I, along with other doctors, run a large medical clinic on the Northwest Side of Chicago which has about 10,000 patients. We are small business owners and have to meet the same challenges as every other business owner: making payroll, managing budgets, paying taxes, growing our businesses and creating new jobs.

Small businesses are the number one source of jobs in our economy. To get the U.S. economy back on track, we have to help small businesses. There are many things we can do to encourage small businesses create more jobs. We can change tax laws, give incentives and pass a stimulus bill that will focus on infrastructure investment.

We also must address health care because health care is an economic issue. Small businesses pay thousands of dollars every year for health insurance for each employee or owner. In these tough economic times, many small businesses are just trying stay in business and health care costs are rising. Many are having employees pay more for their health care or eliminating health care coverage all together. Employees and their families need health insurance, but the prices are out of control. And small businesses are having to choose which costs to cut to stay in business, eliminating health care or even laying off workers. We need to help them.

Everybody deserves decent health care, yet in the richest and most powerful country in the world forty seven million of our fellow citizens have no way to pay for it. Health care costs are too expensive and we don’t get enough value for those dollars.

My health care plan is pretty simple. Make health care more competitive and control the skyrocketing costs. You can see it here in the policy section of my website.

America needs small businesses and we have to help them. Small businesses should be hiring new workers and buying new equipment. That is the key to our economic recovery.


Norbert said...

Personally, I am a little bit tired with career polititians telling us what and how to do things. Finally, somebody who knows how to get things done and who created his own business from scratch. Good luck Dr. Forys! We need more people like you to go to Washington. People who know what it means to work hard, not just talk nice.

Katie said...

I personally dont feel you are qualified to be running for congress. Ask your patients how they feel about that. Dr's dont belong in congress. Start taking better care of your patients.